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I too, had a horrible experience with hostgator codeguard. It didn't work, and hostgator was clueless, and codeguard kept pointing me back to hostgator! It is a scam.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 11 Mar 2019

Server Surgeon

My experience has been quite mixed with Server Surgeon. Setup and configuration of my server was exceptionally good in terms of timeline and value. Many of my contacts with the staff were positive, helpful, and timely. Sadly the negative experience is a big issue - so big that I have to move on to a new support team. websites on my server have been unavailable to attempted, but blocked, site visitors over and over again.

Last reviewed on Monday, 21 Jan 2019


Easy to install, easy to use. I've been a subscriber since 2012 (when it was less easy to install and less easy to use), but they have improved consistently. The one time I actually had a real problem with my home system, the support team really walked me through the process of restoring everything.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

SysTools Software Pvt. Ltd.

I am really glad to purchase the SysTools Outlook Recovery tool. This software got all the required features which I was looking for. Another appreciable part of them is their 24X7 support service. They are very helpful and provide great service.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Feb 2018

Datto Backup

I have had this product for 3 plus years I can’t tell you how many time it has saved my business Time for recovery from damaged files and model information The addition my office is in Hurican zone and having on site and cloud backup is invaluable It is a must to run a an office

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 02 Jan 2018


customer service is absent! The only way to contact them is by e-mail, and who knows if they ever respond.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Jun 2017

Corporate Technologies

Corporate Technologies tried to scam my company into equipment I never needed at inflated pricing. Billed me monthly for services never performed. Stay away from Corporate Technologies. Look for a reputable IT company.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 02 May 2017

Alliance Storage Technologies

We've used their optical archiving libraries and the were unreliable. Support was not helpful. We've removed most of them.

Last reviewed on Monday, 06 Feb 2017

Springs Hosting

Very knowledgeable and always helpful. As my business has grown, Springs Hosting has continued to scale my systems and adapt on demand! I highly recommend getting to know these guys!

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Last reviewed on Monday, 12 Dec 2016


CloudAlly rocks! Because our agency requires handling useful client information that might get lost or get miss-used if it lands in bad hands, we had to look for a reliable backup solution. A friend recommended it and we decided to give it a go. Setting up an account is easy, and you're allowed to try it for 15 days. During the trial phase, we noticed how easy it is to back up our emails completed projects, invoices, image...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Nov 2016


I have been using phootime for 2.5 years. I saw another photographer using it. It has half a dozen major designs and many dozens theme backdrops. It is easy to just upload your photos and have a professional looking site. Customer support has been good.

Last reviewed on Monday, 30 Nov 2015

Canadian Cloud Backup

I work for a large company but I also freelance and have used Canadian Cloud Backups white label branded software and service to add value to my business almost since its inception. Canadian Cloud Backup provides me a great product and support along with prices that allow me to make money. They really do make it easy to add value to my own business while adding protection to my customers important data.

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 08 Sep 2015

TRK Hosting

One of the best hosting company's I've worked with. Friendly, fast and professional. Thank you Tom for your continued hard work!

Last reviewed on Monday, 13 Apr 2015


The best part of dropbox is the auto-upload of iphone camera photos via the app to your cloud account. I also use the regular program on my computer for backup purposes, but the phone app has saved my pictures for me twice after 2 phone crashes (failed OS upgrades, nice work Apple) which made me have to do a full restore on my phone.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 08 Jan 2015


I purchased a DigitalSafe account about two months ago and I am in love with it! As a consultant, the safe keeps me organized and I use it to communicate discreetly with my clients. I love using the share feature because I can forward large documents quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend the service!

Last reviewed on Thursday, 11 Sep 2014


I like many others I guess, I have tried different backup products, most have been OK but some pretty bad. The real test is on a full restore and most are woefully inadequate. I was introduced to Datastor by a friend, he claimed the product deduplicated the data, meaning if the file or part of was already backed up, it only referenced the already moved data. On first use I was unimpressed with the speed and gave up with...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 15 May 2014

CloudBerry Lab

I love CloudBerry Managed Backup service! I'm running an MSP company in Canada and am very happy to have come across such an easy-to-use and effective software. Great management interface, extensive features, fast support. I hope they have Mac version soon.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 19 Dec 2013

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