Workspaces on DigitalOcean Marketplace released by Kasm Technologies

Cloud computing continues to thrive owing to benefits, costing, easy of deployment and more recently due to pandemic. Kasm Technologies is one of the leaders in streaming containerized cloud workloads to the web browser and in a step towards further cementing its position, the company has launched Kasm Workspaces on DigitalOcean Marketplace.

This collaboration with the DigitalOcean ecosystem allows Workspaces users a 1-Click deployment to a Digital Ocean “Droplet” Virtual Private Server (VPS). For those of you who are new to DigitalOcean, we are pleased to announce that if you use our referral link for your Kasm Workspaces 1-Click deployment you will receive a $100 60-day free credit, providing access to a no-cost evaluation of a cloud-hosted Workspaces deployment.

“Putting Kasm Workspaces into the DigitalOcean Marketplace makes it easier than ever to get started with a cloud-hosted deployment.” said Justin Travis, CEO of Kasm Technologies. “The Marketplace simplifies the process for moving your containerized workloads into the cloud.”

“DigitalOcean Marketplace removes the pain of “dependency hell” by bringing together our user community and a network of trusted partners whose apps and tools we have carefully vetted for seamless integration and deployment” said Nick Wade, Head of Ecosystem & Marketplace at Digital Ocean. “Whether you need a forum platform or an analytics package, you can deploy any app or tool on Marketplace with literally one click.”

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